How I almost became a stalker

A while back, I almost became a stalker. I didn’t want to. I didn’t set out to. Plain terrible thinking led to me almost behaving in a very creepy way.

What happened?

Three streamers I admire mentioned on Twitter that they’ll meet up in the city I live in. They mentioned they’ll be there for the entire day. They tweeted about the places they visited. And I thought: “Huh, I could make it there in 10 minutes.”

Please re-read the last paragraph. Then think about it for a minute. Repeat the last two steps until you find the “creepy” in it. Luckily, I did in time. It actually hit me more like a brick wall at a dead run. And I’m happy it did.

Just to reiterate: Three people I follow on Twitter mentioned they’ll meet up in a big city. They post pics of the places they visit. With no word did they invite anyone else to join them. And I almost did. This is at minimum creepy and at most stalking. I don’t know what would have happened if I had tried to find them. At the least I expect a friendly, but firm “Please leave us alone”.

So, just to emphasize: If you want to meet a group of popular people who announce their presence in your proximity, make sure they actually want others to join.

Published: August 09 2017