Big enough for spammers

So, apparently I’m now running a channel that is just big enough for spammers to notice. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, or simply just another step to be taken. Luckily, YouTube has filtered the spam posts out very well so far. I know I’m vain enough to like seeing comments on my projects as much as the next person, I’m not going to publish anything like the following comments in a pointless attempt to change that zero to a one:


If you see a single genuine comment in there, I’m afraid I’ll call you wrong. Nothing in there adds any value to you, the page you’re commenting on or the person reading your comment. And that is what a comment section is for, adding value for OTHER people, not promoting your own things. That’s alike to marketing drones calling you at 2 AM to sell you a mortgage or second-hand car dealers putting stickers under your wipers. You don’t like that and neither does anyone else, so stop doing that. It just shines a bad light on your name and at least I will be wary to do any serious business with you afterwards.

Published: June 13 2017